May 30th, 2010

About Consultation for Sisterlocks

Please allow 90 minutes for your consultation…

About your Consultation-

We will need to discuss issues such as your hair care history, lifestyle, maintenance, styling and coloring options … I will answer questions relevant to you and your expectations.   

The locking session will not take place on the same day as the consultation but will take place at a convenient time in the near future. 

The consultation fee for all locking services is $35

About your Natural Hair-

For all appointments, you should come with your hair freshly washed (within 48 hours) and it should be free of any gels or moisturisers and in the case of non-Sisterlocks wearers, any extensions, braids or weaves.

Please do not blow-dry your hair prior to this visit (air-dry).  

I will discuss with you how often you will need to attend retightening sessions. The average schedule for retightening is four weeks.

Note: You need to be very patient and not have any pressing external commitments which will require your attention during the two day process of your installation of Sisterlocks. 

About your Perm Hair-

For those of you deciding to part with the perm, you will be pleased to note that you do not need to cut off your relaxed hair in order to have your Sisterlocks done.

Only the new growth at the root of your hair will be locked as permed hair has been chemically altered and will not loc. We will need to discuss particular styling options with your consultant during this process.